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Mend Clinic is Salem, Oregon’s leading orthopedic urgent care facility known for being the place where patients can quickly and easily book appointments online or walk in. From broken bones to fractures, sports injuries and strains, to dislocated bones and work-related injuries, every patient deserves fast, accessible, and high-quality care. Conveniently located at 2936 Commercial Street SE in Salem, Mend Clinic is a trusted alternative to the emergency room with highly qualified physicians and staff.

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What We Treat

As a highly skilled and specialized alternative to the emergency room, patients of Mend Clinic trust our team and know that high-quality care is readily available for all. Broken bones, sprains and strains, dislocations, lacerations and cuts, tendonitis or another painful injury can be treated at Mend Clinic. Book online, call, or just walk-in, today!

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Meet Our Providers

There’s no bones about it—and if there are, Dr. Peter Tsai, Dr. Keith Neaman, and the highly skilled medical team at Salem’s Mend Clinic are on your side. Orthopedic injuries often require special treatment to ensure the best healing from the time the problem occurs. Getting the correct diagnosis for the correct problem will help ensure the recovery process starts on the right foot.

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Why Mend Clinic

Mend Clinic is a full-service orthopedic urgent care clinic. If it’s related to bones, Mend Clinic is the convenient, easy-to-book urgent care clinic for patients in the Salem, Oregon area. There’s no need to call for an appointment or be put on hold. Orthopedic, sports-related, and work-related injuries demand that patients get immediate medical care. This now includes hips, back, neck and spinal injuries.

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Orthopedic Injuries Treated At Mend Clinic

All orthopedic injuries are treated at Mend Clinic, and you can book online in seconds. Mend Clinic specializes in every orthopedic injury, including those of the ankle and foot, hand and wrist, elbow, shoulder, and knees. If this is a life-threatening emergency, please call 911.

Injuries Treated At Mend Clinic

Mend Clinic resembles nothing close to the hectic atmosphere of an emergency room. As a quality alternative to the ER, Mend Clinic’s goal is patient safety, comfort, and service above all. It starts in the waiting room.

Recent News

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