Welcome to Mend Clinic: Your Alternative to The ER in Salem, OR

Welcome to Mend Clinic | Salem Oregon Orthopedic Urgent Care

Welcome to Mend Clinic: Your Alternative to The ER in Salem, OR

When accidents happen, and emergencies arise, you deserve the highest quality care that only an alternative to the ER can provide. The emergency room is notorious for long waits and a lack of specialists. If you need a referral, the ER can be just the start of your path to wellness. Salem’s new ER alternative – Mend Clinic – has orthopedic specialists on staff for your work injuries, sports injuries, and more.

With a focus on orthopedics, there are never any wait lines. Broken bones or fractures and orthopedic urgent care are our specialties. Led by Dr. Peter Tsai, Mend Clinic is more than an orthopedic urgent care clinic and ER alternative. It’s a clinic that focuses on the best in patient care, from helping to file work injury claims to quickly seeing a board certified surgeon without a wait.

Injuries Treated at Mend Clinic

At Mend Clinic, we specialize in orthopedic problems that include carpal tunnel syndrome (one of the most common types of work injuries), cubital tunnel syndrome, dislocations, fractures and bone breaks, lacerations, nail bed injuries, rotator cuff injuries, sprains, sports injuries, and much more. Whether you’re suffering from tennis elbow or tendinitis, you can avoid the waits related to seeing your general physician or at the emergency room.

You take advantage of one-stop shopping for all your other needs. Shouldn’t that extend to your healthcare? Same-day appointments coupled with online booking and walk-in options make Mend Clinic an easy choice for your orthopedic urgent care needs. We’re open every day for orthopedic care needs and much more. Patients deserve direct access to specialists in the orthopedic field, zero wait time, and a healthcare team that’s dedicated to professionalism and patient care.

Enjoy fast care in a state of the art facility. Orthopedic specialist Dr. Peter Tsai and his team are happy to welcome you to Mend Clinic, now open for business in the heart of Salem, OR. Browse our website and book an appointment online to see a specialist even faster. Book your Mend Clinic urgent care appointment online, or give our office a call today – (971) 204-8410.