Avocado Hand And Other Modern Injuries

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Avocado Hand And Other Modern Injuries

It might sound like an article out of The Onion, but so-called “avocado hand” injuries are on the rise according to the British The Times. Blame Millennials and their penchant for avocado toast, but it’s tough to sit down to brunch or breakfast these days without at least being offered avocado toast. Full of good fats and flavor, avocados are in the midst of their heyday, but at Mend Clinic and orthopedic urgent care facilities around the country, a surge of patients complaining of “avocado hand” are looking for pain relief.

Injuries in a Modern World

In the UK, the British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive, and Aesthetic Surgeons has reported a surge in patients flooding the ER because they failed to safely hold an avocado as they were cutting it. At NYU’s Langone Medical Center, a clinical associate professor reports similar rises in avocado hand injuries. The result? Either lacerations to the hand and fingers from cupping the easy-to-slice fruit or, in some hardcore avocado lover cases, strains and sprains from prepping too many brunches.

The reality is that hand and wrist injuries, in general, are on the rise, and avocados can’t be wholly to blame. We’re using smaller digital devices around the clock, and this practice has caused “video game thumb” and carpal tunnel syndrome. We’re all weekend warriors, and diving into a variety of sports might be great for the cardiovascular system and muscle health, but it can wreak havoc on various body parts when we’re not used to gripping a tennis racket (or we’re not taught a new sport correctly).

We use our hands for just about everything, which means we’re at risk of over-using them. Carpal tunnel syndrome is one of the most common complaints in workers’ compensation claims. We’re not prioritizing ergonomic posture, and many of us aren’t even working at desks anymore. Whether we’re slicing an avocado on the go or composing a long email to a client while hunched over our smartphone, our hands are taking a beating.

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