Back and Spine Pain: America’s Most Common Complaint

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Back and Spine Pain: America’s Most Common Complaint

American adults complain of back pain and spine pain more than any other type of injury. It’s a common issue treated at Mend Clinic because orthopedic specialists are always on-site. Back pain is the leading cause of disability around the world and regularly keeps people home from work. It affects over three million people every year in the US alone. However, the causes of spine pain are many and, in some cases, preventable.

Understanding Back Pain and Spine Pain

Understanding that the spine has three primary regions: cervical (neck), thoracic (upper) and lumbar (lower) is key to healing pain correctly. The lower spine is by far the leading cause of pain. However, it’s also relatively common to have neck and upper back pain. The pain can come on gradually, or it might be sudden and caused by a traumatic incident such as a car crash.

The spine is a surprisingly flexible system with many parts—it’s no wonder so much can go wrong. For instance, with age, the discs between each vertebra naturally get dryer and can undergo a lot of wear and tear. This can result in the vertebrae grinding against one another. The discs can also “pop out,” which results in a herniated disc. All types of injuries, whether caused by an accident, genetics, or simply age, can come with varying degrees of pain depending on the person.

Back pain might be caused by poor posture, which is kickstarted by a number of factors including a weak core or lack of self-confidence. Repetitive motion injuries, such as certain movements required by a job or playing a sport, can also lead to back pain over time. Sitting in a slouched position in front of a screen can weaken the core while also keeping the spine in a flexed position. With time, this position can lead to spine pain.

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Treating back pain always comes with adopting healthier habits to prevent further or future damage. Treatment for current back pain can vary drastically depending on severity and injury type. The first step is seeing a spine pain specialist. Mend Clinic is open daily, and you can always see an orthopedic specialist quickly.