Biathlons & Other Dangerous Winter Sports

Dangerous Winter Sports | Mend Clinic Orthopedic Urgent Care, Salem

Biathlons & Other Dangerous Winter Sports

Are you training for a biathlon, the combination of cross-country skiing and rifle shooting? If so, you might want to keep Mend Clinic’s address saved in your phone. Winter sports can be exceptionally dangerous, from a hard tumble ice skating to getting a little too aggressive in the hockey rink. In Oregon, winter sports fans wait all year for Mt. Hood and other favorite ski resorts to open. However, freezing temperatures and slick conditions aren’t the best combinations for staying safe.

Maybe you’ve taken up skijoring this year, hanging on to galloping horses or sled dogs as you try to keep your skis aligned. Perhaps the military patrol sport struck your fancy because the biathlon wasn’t challenging enough—why not add mountaineering to cross-country skiing and rifle shooting? From snowboarding to freestyle skiing, winter sports can certainly keep you warm with all that adrenaline pumping, but it’s a wise move to have an urgent care clinic in mind just in case an accident happens.

Going to the ER might seem like the natural destination after a winter sports accident, but they don’t always have orthopedic specialists available. Oftentimes, a broken bone or torn connective tissue seen in the ER means a referral to an orthopedic expert. At Mend Clinic, orthopedic doctors are on-site every day of the week. That means you’ll be treated faster, and costs are kept low because you only need to go to one clinic.

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As you head to Skibowl or the ice skating rink, stay safe and alert—but know that anything can happen. That’s part of the thrill. Fortunately, your Salem urgent care clinic has you covered every day of the week. Walk-ins are always welcome, or you can make an appointment on your way down the mountain to be seen even faster. Keep Mend Clinic’s information handy this winter season no matter what sport you have planned.