Broken vs. Bruised Toes

Broken vs. Bruised Toes | Mend Clinic Orthopedic Urgent Care, Salem

Broken vs. Bruised Toes

Dropping something on your foot can be incredibly painful—but how do you know if that bruised toe is broken or just, well, bruised? Surprisingly, a lot of the time broken bones in the toes aren’t noticeable, but Mend Clinic is always available no matter what kind of foot pain you’re having. The smaller the bone, the less painful the break. It’s easy to misdiagnose yourself with a bruised toe when it’s actually broken. But is it really that big of a deal if you don’t get treatment for a broken toe?

The easy answer is yes. If a bone in a toe doesn’t heal properly, it can get in the way of your balance (or make it so you can’t wear those going-out shoes you love). Your feet have a big job. They are made up of many small bones, muscles, and connective tissue charged with keeping you balanced while also bearing your entire weight. A broken bone can worsen your balance while increasing the odds of future injuries. It’s a nasty cycle.

Whether you dropped a weight on your foot, caught a falling box with your toes while cleaning out the garage, or were a little too zealous when it came to dominating your intramural soccer game, help is available. Any foot pain should be treated immediately in case there’s a more serious injury lurking.

Foot injuries are on the rise as the weather heats up. You want to get outdoors and enjoy those Oregon trails and summer sports leagues; and spring cleaning is calling, too. With more activities and time outdoors, foot injuries are bound to occur more often. However, there’s also an increase in a different type of foot injury—lacerations and infections caused by a sub-par pedicure.

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If you like to pamper yourself during sandal season, make sure to always take your own tools and supplies to a certified salon. Too often, infections can happen during a pampering splurge. If you notice a laceration or foot pain after a pedicure, or any other time, head to Mend Clinic for fast treatment.