Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – A Top Reason for Missing Work

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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – A Top Reason for Missing Work

There was a time when carpal tunnel syndrome was mostly suffered by those who had a job that required repetitive hand or wrist movements—and now that’s just about everyone. Mend Clinic provides urgent care in the Salem area seven days per week, and that includes treating carpal tunnel syndrome. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that carpal tunnel syndrome is the leading cause of missing work, with the average carpal tunnel syndrome patient missing 32 days per year.

It’s an issue that affects 3.1 percent of working adults, and that number is on the rise. The carpal tunnel is located in the wrist and is surrounded by connective tissue and bones. The median nerve is located within the carpal tunnel, and when too much pressure is on this nerve, it can cause swelling and a narrow tunnel. The result can include pain, numbness, weakness, and tinging.

Although there are some hereditary connections to carpal tunnel syndrome, it’s usually caused by repetitive motion such as typing. Any activity that demands a person to flex or extend their wrist, like taking too many selfies, can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome. Those who are pregnant or have diseases such as diabetes are at an increased risk for carpal tunnel syndrome.

You may also qualify for workers’ compensation if you have carpal tunnel syndrome from work-related tasks. Mend Clinic makes the filing part of workers’ comp claims as easy as possible by taking care of some of the paperwork during your appointment. It’s not just office workers and Instagram models who are at risk of carpal tunnel syndrome. Assembly-line workers are three times more likely than office workers to get carpal tunnel syndrome.

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From bus drivers to carpenters, and food service managers to janitors, many jobs require that you perform the same tasks with your hand over and over. It’s important to treat carpal tunnel syndrome as soon as you notice the symptoms to avoid additional damage. Walk into Mend Clinic any day of the week for fast treatment, and avoid the lines at the ER.