Common Finger Lacerations that Need Immediate Attention

Common Finger Lacerations that Need Immediate Attention | Mend Clinic

Common Finger Lacerations that Need Immediate Attention

By the time we’re adults, many of us have an array of scars from finger and hand lacerations. Our hands are our most readily accessible tool, and we often overwork them. Mend Clinic specializes in offering walk-in, fast care as an ER alternative in Salem, OR and finger lacerations are one of the most common maladies. However, knowing whether or not you need urgent care or can patch yourself up at home isn’t always easy to figure out.

Finger Lacerations Can Be Serious

Finger lacerations can tend to bleed easily and heavily, which can lead a lot of people to the ER—that’s not always the best course. There are usually long lines in the ER, and it’s a costlier trip. An urgent care clinic can care for the majority of finger lacerations seen in the ER. The exception? If a finger is close to being completely severed, then you’ll want to head to the ER.

One of the most common finger lacerations is a nail bed injury, often from a manicure (“professional” or at-home) or from blunt force trauma such as accidentally hitting a nail with a hammer during a home improvement session. Nail bed injuries can be very painful, but don’t always look like an emergency. However, with so many nerves and vessels right below that tough surface, it’s a prime source for complications. Not getting medical attention for a seemingly minor nail bed injury caused by a puncture can cause a serious infection down the road.

Lacerations from knives, such as a cooking accident, are also common. Again, these lacerations can cause a lot of blood. It can be difficult to gauge how deep the cut is. If it’s a relatively clean cut without debris, resist the urge to wash the wound to see the depth of the cut. Instead, wrap the finger tight in a cloth and go to urgent care. The sooner you’re seen, the less likely you are to experience scarring or permanent damage from issues such as severed nerves.

Workers’ Compensation Covers Finger Lacerations

On the job injuries can also cause finger lacerations, particularly if you use your hands in manual labor. In these cases, you have an added reason to seek immediate medical attention: You use your fingers and hands to make a living. You may be eligible for a workers’ compensation claim, and a reputable urgent care clinic can help with filling out the paperwork. If you have a finger laceration injury, come directly to Mend Clinic or call 971-204-8410 to be seen even quicker.