Dislocations Don’t Always Require Major Force

Dislocations Don't Need Major Force | Mend Clinic Orthopedic Urgent Care

Dislocations Don’t Always Require Major Force

A dislocated joint is incredibly painful and often associated with significant force, such as a football tackle or car accident, but that isn’t always the case. Orthopedic specialists at Salem, OR’s Mend Clinic have seen dislocations where virtually no force was applied. More mobile joints get dislocated more easily, particularly the shoulder and hip. These ball and socket joints are very similar and are made up of a bone’s “ball” moving in a socket. They move in every direction, and this incredible mobility also means that there are many ways the bone could be forced out of place.

Shoulder sockets are much shallower than hips, which makes shoulders more likely to get dislocated (it also makes them more mobile). What keeps bones in a socket are tendons, ligaments, and muscles. These are soft tissues that can easily be damaged. Muscles and ligaments are stretchy and vulnerable. In the hip, muscles and ligaments are stronger and bigger.

Find the Cause of Shoulder and Joint Dislocations

Although major trauma is a primary cause of dislocations, there are numerous factors to consider. Weak joints are more likely to dislocate, and this can happen from age or lack of strength in soft tissues. Younger children are also more at risk since their soft tissue haven’t fully strengthened. Joint hypermobility can lead to dislocations, and if you’ve had one dislocation before you’re more likely to have another. Some conditions, like Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, can also increase your risk of a dislocation.

Dislocations are sudden and very painful. They’re caused by an acute stretch or tear of soft tissue. Swelling is often immediate, and in some cases, the joint can look deformed. Sometimes there are added complications, such as when blood vessels or nerves get pinched due to the dislocation.

An Emergency Room Alternative – Call Mend Clinic Urgent Care

Any dislocation requires immediate medical attention. Preferably, you should not try to force the joint back in place yourself. Doing so can cause further harm. Seeing an urgent care clinic can mean faster and more affordable medical care. Mend Clinic is open seven days per week with orthopedic specialists available.