ER Visits Spike with Flu Season: Urgent Care is Faster for Broken Bones, Lacerations and More

ER Visits Spike: Flu Season | Mend Clinic Orthopedic Urgent Care, Salem

ER Visits Spike with Flu Season: Urgent Care is Faster for Broken Bones, Lacerations and More

How many people do you know with the flu, cold, or sniffles right now? Probably at least one, and many of them are saturating the ER—which is why those with broken bones, lacerations, and sprains are heading to Mend Clinic. States around the country are seeing a huge spike in ER visits thanks to the flu, with the Maryland Health Department just issuing a high-intensity level warning for the entire state. Oregon isn’t close behind, with a large number of people ringing in the new year with soup and flu medicine.

This means that urgent care needs unrelated to the flu, like fractures and potentially serious fingernail injuries, require longer waits in the ER. Plus, urgent care cases are being exposed to nasty flu viruses. Urgent care clinics like Mend Clinic don’t treat the flu, but do treat a variety of important issues and accidents. Why expose yourself unnecessarily to the flu and long lines in the ER if you don’t have to?

‘Tis the season of flus and colds, which means doctors offices are packed. It can be difficult to get an appointment with your GP this time of year, especially to be seen for cuts, strains, and other non-emergency needs. That’s what your urgent care clinic in Salem is for. Instead of braving the long waits at the ER, try urgent care instead. Open seven days per week with no appointment necessary, you can be seen faster.

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Urgent care clinics mean you’ll be seen quicker and there will be fewer patients with potentially contagious illnesses. As a bonus, urgent care clinics require much lower out of pocket expenses than the ER. You’ll save money, protect your health from debilitating viruses, and have an orthopedic professional on site if you have a broken bone. Don’t start the new year off on the wrong foot. Visit Mend Clinic, Salem’s ER alternative, today.