Causes and Concerns of Facial Lacerations

Causes and Concerns of Facial Lacerations | Mend Clinic Urgent Care

Causes and Concerns of Facial Lacerations

Lacerations, a type of cut, can happen anywhere on the body, but it’s especially troubling when you have a cut on the face. Mend Clinic is Salem’s ER alternative specializing in lacerations and is open for walk-ins seven days per week. Although some lacerations might be pain-free and barely noticeable, they are easily spotted on the face and often demand immediate medical attention. The skin on the face and scalp is relatively thin and bleeds easily. Veins are simply closer to the top layer of the skin and easier to nick. The face is also regularly exposed to the sun, which can cause premature signs of aging—making the skin thinner and more vulnerable to cuts.

There are many common causes for facial lacerations, including:

  • Shaving accidents. Although these are most common in men, many women shave their face especially considering it’s a great exfoliant. It’s an alternative to facial threading, and many people shave their face for better makeup application.
  • Picking and popping acne. There are many reasons not to pick at acne and accidentally causing a laceration is one of them. Using dermatology tools at home, such as an extractor, can also cause a laceration.
  • Accidental scratching. Fingernails are ultimately tools, and one accidental swipe can be surprisingly damaging.
  • Sports. Whether playing a contact sport or not, injuries can occur in athletes, and lacerations to the face are somewhat common. No matter the cause of the facial laceration, immediate action is key. Understandably, a lot of patients worry about scarring. Your face is the first thing people see, and it makes a statement to the world. The earlier a laceration is treated, the easier scar control will be.


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If there is a chance of severe scarring, Mend Clinic can refer patients to cosmetic specialists. It is always easiest to “guide” a scar towards proper healing in the early stages rather than trying to correct it. Call Mend Clinic at 971-204-8410 to make an appointment, or simply walk in any day of the week for fast treatment.