Fall Sports Mean Fall Sports Injuries

Fall Sports Mean Fall Sports Injuries | Mend Clinic Urgent Care, Salem

Fall Sports Mean Fall Sports Injuries

‘Tis the season of homecoming games, evening practices, and cheering on the kids as the school season gets into full swing. However, Mend Clinic also knows that it’s the time of year where sports injuries such as fractures are on the rise. There’s no such thing as an “off-season” for many athletes, especially if you enjoy a solo sport or are on an intramural league. Practices take place year-round for group sports, but for school and university teams, it’s the games and intensive practices in autumn where many injuries occur.

Sports Injuries We See At Mend Clinic

There are six official autumn sports in the US. One of the biggest is football (for men and women), this high-contact sport is ripe with opportunities for injuries. From strains and sprains to broken bones and lacerations, nearly any type of injury can occur in this sport. However, it’s just one of many risky athletic endeavors this time of year. The complementary cheerleading is just as dangerous, although it isn’t listed as an official autumn sport by the National College Athletic Association.

Field hockey, on the other hand, does make the list. It’s not supposed to be a high-contact sport, but it happens—and when it comes to a stick getting in contact with your body, there’s a chance of serious injuries. Add in some agile movements, and there are risks of ligament tears and seriously pulled muscles.

Fall is also the season for soccer, another contact sport that comes with a lot of dangers. Any agility movement that requires twisting and turning can easily damage the body of even elite athletes. Men’s water polo is also in season, a less common sport in Oregon but still one that creeps up on the list of athletic injuries this time of year. Another sport that is popular this time of year is women’s volleyball. It’s a sport with agile movements where dives and falls are common.

All in all, Mend Clinic usually sees more patients who run cross-country in the autumn months. Long-distance running can put severe wear and tear on the body. Sprains, strains, and orthopedic issues caused by repetitive movements go hand in hand with this sport.

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