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Dr. Peter Tsai, Dr. Keith Neaman, and Mend Clinic understand you might have a few questions for us. Learn more about types of orthopedic injuries we treat, read reviews, and see why patients choose Mend Clinic as their ER alternative in Salem, Oregon. Book your appointment online, walk-in, or call (971) 204-8410.

How do I book an appointment?

The easiest, fastest way to book an appointment at Mend Clinic is online. However, walk-ins are also welcome during regular business hours from 9 am – 6 pm Monday thru Friday, and 10 am  – 6 pm Saturday and Sunday, or you can call (971) 204-8410 to make an appointment.

Where are you located?

Mend Clinic, LLC
2936 Commercial Street SE
Salem, Oregon, 97302

See a map and directions.

Is there parking?

Yes, Mend Clinic offers ample, free parking directly in front of the clinic’s entrance. See a map and directions to the office.

What insurance do you accept?

We accept all major insurance plans.

When did Mend Clinic open?

Mend Clinic was established in 2018 by hand specialists Dr. Peter Tsai and Dr. Keith Neaman and is committed to providing Salem, Oregon with fast, quality orthopedic urgent care.

What if I want to file a workers’ compensation claim?

Any time you’re injured at work, it’s a good idea to quickly file a workers’ compensation claim. In Oregon, this involves filing Form-827. The patient care coordination team at Mend Clinic will help you with this paperwork. You’ll need your insurance information (if applicable), identification, your social security number, and details about the work injury.

What type of injuries do you treat?

Broken bones, sports injuries, sprains, fractures, lacerations, dislocated bones, work-related injuries, and injuries to the finger, hand, wrist, arm, elbow, shoulder, leg, knee ankle, and toe are treated at Mend Clinic. This can include tendonitis, knee bursitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, cubital tunnel syndrome, strains, and much more. Mend Clinic is an orthopedic (bone) urgent care clinic, but “bones” can be impacted by a variety of injuries.

Wouldn’t it be more affordable to wait for an appointment with my general physician?

Not necessarily. The costs to see your general physician and an urgent care facility are often comparable. However, many injuries require faster medical attention than your general physician can provide. The longer you wait to seek medical treatment, the worse a condition can become.


General physicians will also likely refer patients to a specialist, which will require more time and money. Mend Clinic is a specialty, orthopedic clinic capable of treating a variety of special conditions. If necessary, Mend Clinic can also refer patients to another specialist—just like a general physician.

Why shouldn’t I just go to the ER?

Emergency room visits are more expensive than urgent care clinics, and the wait times can be phenomenal. Surprisingly, the Salem ER is the busiest in Oregon—more so than any emergency room in Portland, Eugene, or Medford. If the injury is a life-or-death situation, go to the ER. However, if it’s not, you’ll likely be seen faster at Mend Clinic’s urgent care facility.

Do urgent care clinics have all the same equipment as a hospital?

No urgent care clinic has the same equipment as a hospital. However, Mend Clinic has cutting edge technology including the latest electronic medical records (EMR) software and x-ray equipment. It’s rare for urgent care clinics to offer x-ray equipment.

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