Finger Injuries

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Finger Injuries

Why do finger injuries hurt so much, even when they feel minor? Fingers, toes, and the tongue are packed with nerves and are exceptionally sensitive to touch. We need that sensitivity on a daily basis since our fingers are responsible for so many activities. At Mend Clinic, orthopedic specialists are available to evaluate every type of finger injury, from finger sprains to fingernail lacerations.

Finger Lacerations: More Complex Than We Think

The big bundle of nerves in our fingers is what makes minor injuries like a papercut sting so much. It’s also the reason why it’s so important to seek immediate medical attention for even a seemingly minor injury, such as a fingernail laceration. Fingernails are composed of tough keratin (the same thing that makes up our hair), and their sole job is to protect the most sensitive parts of the fingers: the nail beds. However, we also use them as tools to scratch, pick off pet hair, open soda cans, and a variety of other tasks. It certainly explains how fingernails can be overworked.

The risk of lacerating a fingernail increases with certain jobs, sports, and for those who get manicures. You may have heard of serious diseases being spread in nail salons, and unfortunately, it’s true. In Portland, OR, one woman’s toe tip was accidentally lacerated during a pedicure at a local nail salon-this led to gangrene, amputation of her toe, and eventually amputation of her leg. While this is an extreme example, it’s not isolated. Similar incidents have occurred around the country.

Hand and wrist injuries can be serious even when they don’t look like it. Seeking immediate medical attention for these injuries is always a good idea. Mend Clinic offers walk-in appointments every day of the week with no wait time and a much lower cost than a trip to the ER.

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Most of us take our fingers for granted, confident that if we sprained or broke a finger, we would be annoyed until it healed. However, we don’t realize just how much we depend on both our thumbs and all our fingers until one of them is out of commission. Fast treatment is key to avoiding more serious injuries and for quicker healing. See an orthopedic specialist at Mend Clinic even faster by calling 971-204-8410.