Garage Accidents “Spring Up” this Season

Garage Accidents “Spring Up” this Season | Mend Clinic, Salem, Oregon

Garage Accidents “Spring Up” this Season

Spring has arrived, and in Oregon, that means rainy but warmer days, more cyclists and runners on the road, and of course those home projects. Every spring, Mend Clinic sees an influx of “garage accidents,” often caused by home projects gone awry. From table saws to sprucing up the lawnmower, many home projects come with inherent risks. Finger lacerations, fractures, burns, and more are on the rise around Oregon.

When Weekend Warriors Get Hurt

Being handy can help increase the value of your home and reduce costs associated with hiring a gardener, landscaper, or arborists. However, many of the tools and technology we depend on can be dangerous. One slip or mistake can cause a major injury. However, wait times in the ER can be long, and the bills can be high. If you have a garage accident that isn’t a life-threatening emergency, you can get faster care and a lower bill at Salem, OR’s ER alternative.

Why Go To Mend Clinic Urgent Care

Mend Clinic is open seven days per week and has orthopedic specialists on site. This means you won’t need to be referred to an orthopedic specialist if you’ve suffered a fracture (which is often what happens in emergency rooms). As home projects continue to mount on your to-do list, the odds of a garage accident also continue to climb. There’s only so many precautions you can take. Yard work often comes with injuries. Fortunately, these injuries are often minor. However, it’s always in your best interest to seek medical attention and avoid an infection or permanent damage.

Garage accidents are most common when they involve people who aren’t comfortable or familiar with the tools. Another common cause is simple negligence. From distractions to mixing home projects with happy hour, there are a number of factors that can make the chances of a garage accident skyrocket.

Don’t Wait At The Emergency Room – Call Mend Clinic Urgent Care Today

If you plan to tackle some projects around the house, make sure the tools are well-maintained. Garages should be well-lit, and you shouldn’t be rushed. Choose a time when you can take proper precautions to minimize the risk of an injury. However, if there is a garage accident, you can always call Mend Clinic Urgent Care at 971-204-8410 and get in even faster than walk-in patients.