What People Want When Googling “Urgent Care Near Me”

Why People Google “Urgent Care Near Me” | Mend Clinic, Salem

What People Want When Googling “Urgent Care Near Me”

If you’re Googling “urgent care near me,” you want a clinic that’s open right now and accepts your health insurance. Mend Clinic is open seven days per week and accepts a wide range of insurance including the Oregon Health Plan (OHP), Medicare, and Medicaid. In fact, if you do Google this popular query, you’ll find that the most common auto-fills are for a variety of insurance plans.

Most people aren’t aware of where their closest urgent care clinic is, the days they’re open, and even what illnesses or conditions they treat. Mend Clinic recently opened in the area as a Salem, OR’s ER alternative. Located conveniently in the heart of Salem, with ample free parking and open daily, it was designed from the start to be the “urgent care near you.”

Urgent care clinics can treat a number of issues you might visit a general physician or ER for, but let you skip the wait and hassle of making an appointment. If you have a non-life threatening emergency that otherwise might warrant an ER visit, there’s a good chance that the “urgent care near me” can take care of you for a sliver of the cost. Broken bones and lacerations are two of the most common conditions treated at your local urgent care clinic.

Urgent care is urgent for a reason. When the stakes are high, such as with a broken bone causing intense pain, you don’t want to wait to see your general physician. However, you also don’t want to brave long lines and high costs at the ER. Urgent care clinics meet you in the middle while offering convenient locations and hours, and for those with insurance, the cost is very similar to seeing your regular doctor.

Make Mend Clinic Your Go-To Option in Salem, OR

Plus, urgent care clinics meet the growing need of having a readily available medical team without the trouble of developing a relationship with a primary care physician. Increasingly, Oregonians are choosing to skip the step of selecting a primary care doctor for the ease of only seeing doctors if and when it’s necessary. If you’re Googling “urgent care near me,” know that Mend Clinic is your go-to option in Salem, OR and open every day of the week.