Googling “Urgent Care Near Me?” We’ve Got You

“Urgent Care Near Me?” | Mend Clinic Orthopedic Urgent Care, Salem

Googling “Urgent Care Near Me?” We’ve Got You

If you find yourself Googling “urgent care near me,” two things are certain: You’ve got a semi-serious owie going on, and you’re pretty savvy. Mend Clinic is the “urgent care near me” you’re looking for in Salem. As an ER alternative, Mend Clinic treats a wide range of issues from lacerations and cuts to broken bones. If you can’t see your GP or the wait is too long, you don’t always have to go to the ER. Save that for serious accidents. Much of the time, that “urgent care near me” is a better choice.

A lot of people are surprised to find out that urgent care clinics can treat broken bones and more serious accidents. In fact, your Salem ER alternative even has orthopedic specialists on-site seven days per week—that’s something that even the ER doesn’t have.

The purpose of going to the ER is to be seen quickly. However, with how over-capacity ERs are, are you really saving time? The wait at the ER is longer than ever, and the costs are keeping pace. You might not necessarily add “with the lowest cost” to that “urgent care near me” query, but it’s what you’re thinking. Some people even avoid seeing a doctor at all in an urgent situation because of costs. That can be a deadly mistake.

Urgent care clinics can treat patients faster and at a lower cost than the ER because of the lower overhead. Being disconnected from a hospital and without quite as many tools and technology as an ER clinic, it simply doesn’t cost as much for an urgent care clinic to operate. Those savings are inherently passed down to patients.

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If you find yourself looking for “urgent care near me” and you’re in the Salem area, we’ll probably be the first to pop up. Mend Clinic is open seven days per week, and it’s always faster and less costly to visit an urgent care clinic than your local ER.