Why is Hand and Wrist Pain Common?

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Why is Hand and Wrist Pain Common?

Hand and wrist pain is one of the most common complaints patients have when they come to Mend Clinic. That’s no surprise, considering the hand has 27 bones and 34 muscles. The skin on the hand is also some of the thinnest on the body, making hand lacerations more painful and common. There is a myriad of accidents that can happen in and on the hand, and they’re good reasons why hand and wrist injuries are on the rise.

Repetitive stress injuries, or RSIs, can occur just about anywhere on the body. These injuries happen when a person regularly makes the same movements. There was a time when RSIs in the hand were allocated largely to certain jobs and hobbies. For instance, a mechanic that uses their hand in a specific motion for several hours per day would be at a high chance of suffering an RSI. Similarly, secretaries and others who regularly worked on a typewriter in the mid-century were at an increased risk of carpal tunnel syndrome, one of the most common repetitive stress injuries in the hand. However, now the playing field is leveled.

Most people are using a keyboard or screen throughout the day. Whether you have to use a keyboard for work or not, there’s a high chance you’re probably scrolling on your phone or occupied on your laptop. It’s no wonder hand and wrist injuries have increased in recent years. A lot of people have noticed pain in their thumb thanks to checking out Instagram constantly. These pains can be a sign of a more serious injury on the way.

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Whether you’ve suffered an injury to the nail bed (which can quickly become serious), a laceration, or feel like you have a sprain, strain, or another type of hand or wrist injury, it’s important to seek medical attention immediately. Hand and wrist pain might be a precursor to a severe injury that can require downtime and more aggressive treatment. Mend Clinic is your Salem ER alternative with orthopedic specialists on site. Call 971-204-8410 for an appointment or walk in any day of the week.