Hip Injuries

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Hip injuries are very common, and this mobile joint is vulnerable to a number of injuries. Although hip injuries are more common as we age thanks to brittle bones, they can happen to anyone at any time. Falls and severe traumas like car accidents are the most common causes of severe injuries. However, congenital deformities and ailments like osteoporosis can also make the hip prone to injuries. At Mend Clinic, orthopedic specialists are on-staff seven days per week. Walk-ins are welcome and many patients can avoid the wait and higher costs of an ER if they’ve suffered a hip injury that isn’t an emergency. Read reviews, and see why patients choose Mend Clinic as their ER alternative in Salem, Oregon. Book your appointment online, walk-in, or call (971) 204-8410.

A broken hip is what most people think of when they hear “hip injury.” Most broken hips happen in those 65+. Women and those with osteoporosis are the most common sufferers of a broken hip. However, there are a few other types of common hip injuries:

Hip Injuries | Mend Clinic Salem, OR


When the bursae (sacs in the hip full of fluid) are swollen and inflamed, serious pain can happen. It is made worse with walking or any kind of activity that depends on the tendon that passes along the iliac crest or “hip bone.” While the pain can be severe, the good news is that bursitis is treatable and manageable. However, many people need medical care to enjoy fast relief and ensure no additional damage occurs.

Hip Injuries | Mend Clinic Salem, OR

Dislocated Hip

Dislocations of any joint can be extremely painful. Dislocated hips happen when the ball at the top of the leg bone (femur) comes out of the socket. A true dislocation renders a person immobile. Dislocations require a very traumatic force, such as a car accident or fall. They can also occur in contact sports. Ligaments are often damaged during a dislocation. Once a dislocation occurs, it is more likely to happen again. It’s important to seek medical attention to gauge the damage and ensure proper healing.

Hip Injuries | Mend Clinic Salem, OR

Labral Tear

The labrum is connective tissue found throughout the body in various joints. It covers the socket edge of the pelvis. Labrums can get worn out, and labral tears are often seen in those with osteoarthritis. Repetitive movement, such as lunges during a workout, can cause a labral tear or it may happen during an injury.

Hip Injuries | Mend Clinic Salem, OR

Snapping Hip Syndrome

If you feel a regular “snap” in the hip, you might have snapping hip syndrome. There may or may not be an audible sound, and there may or may not be pain. Full extension of the hip is when the snap occurs. It’s caused by connective tissue catching as it slides across the femur, and is often accompanied by bursitis. The condition is most often found in ballet dancers, runners, soccer players, gymnasts, and some weightlifters.

The hip is one of the most important, mobile joints in the body. Any feeling of pain or discomfort should be addressed immediately by a medical professional. These are signs that something is wrong, and preventative care means seeing an orthopedic specialist as soon as a red flag is spotted. Mend Clinic is Salem, OR’s ER alternative and open daily for walk-ins and appointments.

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