Home Automation Might Increase Risk of Garage Accidents

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Home Automation Might Increase Risk of Garage Accidents

Oregonians are automating everything in their home, and garage door automation is a priority for many. However, with a change to garage doors comes the risk of more garage door accidents, an unfortunate trend seen at Mend Clinic. Impulse Research Survey revealed that 55 percent of Americans spend 90 minutes per week in their garage for hobbies and Moen discovered that the garage is the most cluttered space in most homes. In fact, “removing junk” was the leading answer when the Wall Street Journal asked how people could better enjoy their garage.

New garage technology that isn’t understood or goes awry coupled with a considerable space ideal for hoarders is a recipe for an accident. On average, garage doors are opened and closed 1,500 times per year, but few people regularly get a “maintenance check” on their garage doors. The word “garage” is from the French “garer,” which means to protect or shelter. Given all of the garage injuries that happen each year, it might be a term that isn’t living up to its name.

There has been an increase in injuries, particularly to children and pets, in recent years according to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission. Not supervising children and pets, as well as not scheduling maintenance appointments for automated garage doors, are the leading causes of these injuries. However, malfunctioning garage doors aren’t the only cause of garage injuries.

Garages that are used for carpentry, mechanical projects, or other workshops that utilize dangerous tools are also a hot spot for injuries such as broken bones and lacerations. Many garages have poor lighting and uncomfortable temperatures. Combine those conditions with a lot of clutter, and it’s no surprise that injuries tend to happen often in garages.

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