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Mend Clinic is an orthopedic urgent care facility with state of the art equipment in Salem, Oregon. Led by Dr. Peter Tsai, we invite you to learn more about types of orthopedic injuries we treat, read reviews, and see why patients choose Mend Clinic as their ER alternative in Salem, Oregon. Book your appointment online, walk-in, or call (971) 204-8410. If this is a life-threatening emergency, please call 911.

Broken Bones

The term “broken bone” is used interchangeably with “fracture,” which can sometimes be confusing. However, both refer to a break or fracture in the bone, whether it’s a tiny hairline break (which is still serious and can lead to major breaks) or a bone that’s completely shattered.

There are a variety of fractures that complicate treatment including closed, scaphiod, ankle, knee, wrist and more. Dr. Peter Tsai is a board certified surgeon and you can trust that you’re in good hands.

Tendonitis | Mend Clinic, Salem, Oregon
Hand and Wrist Pain | Mend Clinic, Salem, Oregon

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Common for those who work on computers, carpal tunnel syndrome presents as a tingle, weakness, or numbness in the hand. It’s caused by recurring pressure on the wrist’s median nerve.

Hand and Wrist Pain | Mend Clinic, Salem, Oregon

Cubital Tunnel Syndrome

This condition most often presents as a tingle or numbness in the pinky and/or ring fingers. It might be accompanied by pain in the forearm and/or general hand weakness. It’s caused by stretching or pressure on the “funny bone” nerve (or ulnar nerve).

Hand and Wrist Pain | Mend Clinic, Salem, Oregon


Dislocation happens when a joint, which connects bone to bone, is forced out of its regular position. Dislocated bones can be extremely painful and temporarily be immobilizing. It most often happens in the shoulder and finger, but can happen at any joint in the body.

Shoulder Injuries | Mend Clinic, Salem, Oregon


Fractures are the same as a broken bone. Both result in loss of bone integrity, but there can be varying degrees of fractures and breaks. For example, a “hairline fracture” might be barely visible on an x-ray, or the bone can be dramatically fractured into several pieces.

Elbow Injuries | Mend Clinic, Salem, Oregon


Most people think of lacerations as cuts, and they often are, but lacerations can also be caused by blunt force trauma. Sometimes, lacerations can damage the tendons, nerves, muscles, and even the bone.

Hand and Wrist Pain | Mend Clinic, Salem, Oregon

Nail Bed Injury

Anyone who’s cut their nails “to the quick” knows how painful it can be. However, a nail bed injury or nail bed laceration should be taken seriously. Even if the nail bed looks relatively unharmed, save for the aesthetics, there might be hidden bone deformity, which is why seeing an orthopedic specialist is a good idea.

Shoulder Injuries | Mend Clinic, Salem, Oregon

Rotator Cuff Injury

Contrary to popular belief, the rotator cuff is actually comprised of four muscles and includes tendons. It’s a common injury, particularly for those who repeat shoulder motions (i.e. weight lifters). You’ll notice weakness and pain in the shoulders. It can be a repetitive stress injury, and the severity varies based on how many of the cuffs’ parts are sprained or torn, and to what degree.

Elbow Injuries | Mend Clinic, Salem, Oregon

Sports-Related Injuries

Sports, especially contact sports, come with an inherent risk. Repetitive stress injuries like “tennis elbow” are also common. Whether you hurt yourself at your Crossfit class or your student athlete was injured playing for the Saxons or Vikings, many sports-related injuries share commonalities. Your doctor needs to know if sports caused the injury to ensure the best care.

Shoulder Injuries | Mend Clinic, Salem, Oregon


Sprains happen when the ligament in a joint, such as the ankle or wrist, is twisted to an unnatural degree. Ligaments are the cushiony connectors between bone and bone. Sprains aren’t as severe as a dislocation, but they can certainly be painful.

Hand and Wrist Pain | Mend Clinic, Salem, Oregon


When the tendons are overused or otherwise strained, it can result in tendonitis. It’s relatively common, but if left untreated it can result in a rupture—and can even require surgery. Treat tendinitis when it’s still a tendon strain, and not a tear.

Elbow Injuries | Mend Clinic, Salem, Oregon

Tennis Elbow

You don’t have to play tennis to suffer from tennis elbow. It’s a type of tendinitis, or swelling of the tendons, that can lead to pain in the elbow and arm. It’s caused by any repetitive gripping, particularly from the thumb, index, and middle finger.

Hand and Wrist Pain | Mend Clinic, Salem, Oregon

Work-Related Injuries

These injuries refer to any injury sustained on the job. It doesn’t necessarily need to be at the job site (i.e. you may have been injured while traveling for work). Slip and falls are the most common, but repetitive stress injuries, like carpal tunnel syndrome, can also be work-related injuries. It’s almost always best to file a workers’ compensation claim, and Mend Clinic can help with part of this process. Always tell your doctor if the injury happened while at work.

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