Lacerations and Nail Salons: How Much is That Mani Really Costing You?

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Lacerations and Nail Salons: How Much is That Mani Really Costing You?

Laceration refers to any cut in the skin, from a paper cut to a major emergency trauma. Manicure lacerations are relatively common – how often have you bled during a mani or pedi? However, these tiny lacerations can be dangerous and in extreme situations even deadly. US News & World Report notes that around 75 percent of nail salons in the US don’t follow their state’s protocols for disinfection. Sharing tools and instruments can leave you vulnerable to diseases and infections carried by previous clients. In severe situations, this can include hepatitis C and HIV. However, less severe (but still annoying, painful, costly, and embarrassing) contagious diseases are more common.

Warts are highly contagious and caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV). Hands and feet are the most common places for warts to pop up and can be passed via pumice stones, cuticle clippers, files, and buffers. Flu and colds can also be contracted in nail salons, although more likely from the manicurist to the client. If someone at the salon shows signs of being ill, it’s in your best interest to find a new salon with stricter standards for employees.

Foot baths are a cesspool for Mycobacterium fortuitum, also known as M. fortuitum, which can cause big boils on the feet or legs. They can be flanked by smaller bumps. Sometimes they’ll go away on their own, but other times they’ll linger as open sores. In this case, the boils require lancing by a medical professional and an antibiotic treatment. However, untreated or severe cases can also leave intense scarring.

Get Help For A Nail Salon Laceration

When a nail salon is unhygienic, you’re at risk of contracting a host of diseases by lacerations in the skin. The risk shoots up considering the manicure itself might cause the laceration. Check the Better Business Bureau and third-party reviews of salons, and always make sure they’ve passed the most recent state hygienic standards. Concerned about a laceration, caused by a salon or otherwise? Mend Clinic is open seven days a week, or you can make an appointment online.