Long ER Wait Times in Oregon: Why you Should Consider an Orthopedic Urgent Care

Long ER Wait Times in Oregon | Mend Clinic Ortho Urgent Care, Salem

Long ER Wait Times in Oregon: Why you Should Consider an Orthopedic Urgent Care

It always seems to happen on the weekends or at an inopportune moment—you get injured and need to see a doctor right away, but it’s not necessarily an emergency. Mend Clinic is Salem, OR’s new ER alternative open seven days per week with virtually no wait times. Walk-ins are always welcome, and Mend Clinic is staffed with orthopedic doctors on-site which means in many cases you won’t need to be referred to a specialist.

Waiting Times In Salem Emergency Clinics

Wait times in emergency rooms are increasing around the country, and that seems to especially be the case in Oregon. According to the third party ProPublica, which tracks wait times at every ER around the country, wait times in some ERs in Oregon peak at one hour. At Salem Hospital, the average wait time in the ER is 48 minutes and the average “time until sent home” is 206 minutes.

Sometimes an injury demands a trip to the ER. However, more often you simply need to be seen quickly by orthopedic professionals and don’t need to go to the ER. Mend Clinic gets you seen fast and at a much lower out of pocket cost than the emergency room. When processing insurance claims, there are hundreds of codes. Codes related to ER visits often come with a higher price than being seen in urgent care despite being the exact same treatment.

Urgent care clinics are an ER alternative that welcomes walk-ins, but at Mend Clinic you can also make an appointment. This can get you seen even faster so you don’t waste any time. When it comes to your health and safety, why risk long waits in an emergency room? Urgent care clinics are faster, more affordable, and offer the same level of care.

Talk With Mend Clinic and Avoid The ER in Salem

As we swing into summer, there’s bound to be seasonal injuries from summer sports accidents to home repair fails. Depend on Mend Clinic, Salem’s ER alternative with orthopedic specialists, to take care of you.