Why Mend Clinic is the Best Option for Work-Related Orthopedic Injuries

why mend clinic for work injuries

Why Mend Clinic is the Best Option for Work-Related Orthopedic Injuries

In the event of a workplace injury, employees in Oregon are allowed to choose which provider they use to file their Worker’s Compensation claim.

However, not every provider accepts Workers Comp claims.

Mend Clinic Urgent Care does accept Workers Comp. Additionally, our status as orthopedic specialties means we are even more qualified than your average emergency room team to handle many of the most common Salem work injuries, including:

  • Broken bones.
  • Crushed fingers or toes.
  • Stress fractures.
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome.


How to Do Right By Your Injured Employees


Many of these on-the-job injuries are painful, but not life-threatening. Sending your employees to an ER may subject them to a long wait and further loss of work time.

Mend Clinic is not an ER. It is an urgent care walk-in clinic. Many workplace injuries happen during the workday, our hours of operation. This means that we can quickly admit workers with serious but non-fatal injuries during working hours.

Emergency rooms are no place to go for follow-up visits, either. Mend Clinic doesn’t just offer walk-in clinic services; we also offer scheduled appointments, which your employees can book online for their follow-up visits at the same Salem urgent care facility where they received their first treatment, often with the same doctor or provider.

Finally, like many urgent care facilities, Mend Clinic is often able to offer the same treatment as an ER for half or even less than half of the cost, picking up where Workers Comp leaves off to provide you and your employees affordable care for Salem work injuries.

The Importance of Getting to Know Your Employees’ Doctor


Many Oregon employers don’t bother to get to know their Workers Comp medical providers.

By going a different way, you can make your commitment to your employees a reality by ensuring better-quality care.

It’s not just the employers, either … many providers don’t bother to build a relationship with the employers who refer their work-related injury cases to them.

Mend Clinic Urgent Care does things differently. We want to get to know you, your business, your employees, and understand how we can help your business thrive with healthy, happy employees.

You don’t want your employee to miss too much work, or you lose productivity. The secret is, neither does your employee. A work-related injury isn’t a vacation—it’s serious business. Statistically speaking, the more work the employee misses, the less likely they are to return at all. You have to train a new worker, plus the injured worker is out of a job. No one wins.

In Workers Comp claims, the doctor has broad leeway in determining when the employee can safely return to work. If the doctor can’t trust that you, as an employer, won’t give the employee adequate healing time, (s)he won’t authorize that employee’s return to the job site or the office.

If, however, you build a relationship with your Worker’s Comp medical provider and maintain open communication, you can collaborate with your employee’s doctor on the strategy to return an injured employee into the workplace without risking further injury. If the doctor knows your number and knows you’re onboard, he can authorize less down-time for your employees so they can get where you both want them to be—back to work.

We want to get to know our neighboring businesses in Salem, OR so we can provide the best possible care for their employees.


Call us today and set up an appointment to meet the orthopedic care professionals at Mend Clinic Urgent Care, so you can refer injured employees to us with confidence.