Urgent Care Clinics Have Your Back as Mental Illness Drives Thousands to the ER

Mental Illness and ER Spikes | Mend Clinic Orthopedic Urgent Care, Salem

Urgent Care Clinics Have Your Back as Mental Illness Drives Thousands to the ER

If you’ve been to the ER recently, it may have seemed like there’s a huge spike in lines—and there is, which is why urgent care clinics are so vital. Mend Clinic is Salem’s urgent care clinic offering faster service at a lower cost compared to the local ER. The flu is also driving thousands to the ER, making the lines even longer. According to CNN, ERs have seen an increase of 44 percent when it comes to mentally ill patients. They simply have nowhere else to go.

According to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, ERs are being burdened with a huge influx of mentally ill patients since 2006. The numbers have been called unprecedented by ER doctors, with the majority of patients having alcohol-related disorders, are at high risk of self-harm, or suffer from anxiety disorders. One ER doctor featured on the CNN report says, “There are very real spillover effects from this phenomenon, which affects not only our ability to care for these patients with psychiatric needs but all patients seeking care in the ER.”

If you’re ill or hurt and need to be seen fast, it might be a wise move to avoid the ER if possible. The wait times are longer than ever, and many cases such as broken bones, lacerations, and sprains, can be handled by an urgent care clinic. At Mend Clinic, orthopedic specialists are on-site, which means there’s no need for a referral if broken bones or torn connective tissue are an issue.

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As ERs continue to battle more and more patients seeking help, urgent care clinics are becoming literal lifesavers for many in the Salem area. No matter what your injury, it’s merely taking longer and longer to be seen at the ER. If your injury is treatable at an urgent care clinic, you’ll be seen faster and at a lower cost. Open seven days per week with no appointment needed, patients can be seen much faster compared to the ER. Call Mend Clinic at 971-204-8410, or simply walk in to be seen today.