Most Common Sports Fractures

Most Common Sports Fractures | Mend Clinic Urgent Care, Salem, Oregon

Most Common Sports Fractures

Fractures are unfortunately a common occurrence in sports. Mend Clinic regularly treats injured athletes with broken bones and always has orthopedic specialists on site. However, athletes tend to suffer certain types of fractures more often than their less sporty counterparts. Which sports-related fractures are the most common?

Collar Bone Fracture

Sprains and strains are much more common in sports than fractures, but when a bone does break it’s usually the clavicle. Also known as the collar bone, it’s the most often broken bone of the 206 in the human body. It connects the arms to the body and is vulnerable because of its long shape. A clavicle might be broken from blunt trauma (such as in football) or this break can be caused by a fall on an outstretched arm. Usual treatment includes rest, a sling, and even surgery in severe cases.

Broken Arm

A broken arm is another common fracture in sports. Half of all broken bones in adults are in the arm and can occur from impact or bracing for a fall. It can take months for a broken arm to heal. Arm fractures are especially devastating to athletes who depend on their favored arm, such as baseball players and boxers.

Broken Wrist

Broken wrists are also popular among athletes. It’s the most common break in the arm and usually happens from breaking a fall. Most wrist breaks occur near the thumb. It’s a common injury in the summer months, as more people play soccer and go biking. In the winter, snowboarding and skiing are often linked to wrist breaks.

Ankle Sprains and Breaks

Ankles are another vulnerable spot in athletes. Broken ankles can include a single break or multiple breaks, and are often paired with ligament damage. Ankles that are rolled or twisted may include a break as a “grand finale.” Ankle injuries are especially common in soccer, basketball, rugby, and football.

Feet and Toe Fractures

Finally, there are broken bones in the feet and toes. The feet are home to 25 percent of all bones in the body, giving plenty of opportunities for breaks. Most broken bones in feet happen from blunt force trauma. If you suspect a break that isn’t serious enough to warrant a trip to the ER, stop by Mend Clinic and be seen by an orthopedic specialist.