Most Dangerous Summer Jobs

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Most Dangerous Summer Jobs

Maybe you’ve picked up a seasonal summer job for some extra cash, or perhaps your college student is home for the summer and on the job hustle. It’s great to find more ways to make money, but summer jobs can be particularly risky. In case of an injury that needs urgent care, Mend Clinic is open seven days per week for walk-ins.

Oregon draws a lot of seasonal summer workers because of the rich agricultural scene and numerous options for outdoor lovers. It might be only a few weeks, but many summer jobs come with risks. Here are a few of the most dangerous summer jobs in Oregon:

1. Farm work. By nature, farms are dangerous work compared to an office job. These seasonal jobs often hire entry-level candidates, and it’s simply not possible to offer comprehensive training for just a few weeks’ work. From picking blackberries to operating machinery, farm injuries such as lacerations pop up all across Oregon in the summer and autumn months.

2. Outdoor guide. Tourists come from around the world to discover the region’s natural beauty—and they need guides to lead the way. Many of these gigs require experience and training, such as being a whitewater rafting guide. Still, even if you have years of experience, outdoor adventuring has risks built-in including sprains and strains.

3. Working at a summer camp. There’s a summer camp position for everyone, from teaching archery to showing kids how to build a fire with minimal tools. Combine outdoor fun with homesick children, and it’s no surprise that injuries such as fractures can occur. Even camps with the most stringent of safety policies aren’t foolproof.

4. One-day events. It’s peak season for mud runs and festivals. Bring any large group of people together for a day of athletics (especially if drinking is involved) and risks skyrocket. These events require strict safety policies, but accidents such as slip-and-falls still happen.

5. Seasonal firefighting volunteers. It’s fire season in Oregon, and one of the most dangerous in years. Firefighters aren’t the only ones at risk. Anyone living in a high fire risk zone should be on alert and watch your footing on trails to prevent injuries.

Get Help At Mend Clinic If You’d Suffered An Injury

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