There’s Nothing Funny About Elbow Injuries

There's Nothing Funny About Elbow Injuries | Mend Clinic Urgent Care

There’s Nothing Funny About Elbow Injuries

Most of us have hit our “funny bone” and know just how badly an elbow injury can hurt. Mend Clinic is your Salem, OR ER alternative and offers head-to-toe ortho care, which includes the elbow.

Elbow Injuries – How They Happen

The elbow is a hinge joint, one of the most basic joints in our body, but it tends to get in the way-particularly if we play sports. Elbow injuries can also be complemented with other arm injuries such as a dislocated finger, dislocated wrist, or dislocated shoulder.

A dislocated elbow isn’t as common as a dislocated shoulder, but it happens. It’s usually caused by sudden blunt trauma such as a car accident or playing a contact sport. There’s also subluxation, which is a partial dislocation. Both subluxation and dislocations are extremely painful and may require medical attention to shift the joint back into place. However, even if you put the joint back in place yourself (instinct often takes over and there’s an overwhelming urge to force the joint back into place), you need medical attention to diagnose the injury, treat it, pain management, and to help diminish the odds of it happening again.

Unfortunately, once a joint has been dislocated, it’s more prone to dislocating again. Dislocations can also cause tears to the ligaments (the connective tissue between bone and bone) and tendons (the connective tissue between muscle and bone). A dislocation can cause lingering pain that lasts days or even weeks. It can be accompanied by swelling and a tingling feeling of numbness.

Since the elbow has little protective muscle and fat around it, it’s vulnerable. Like the knee, it may be a relatively simple joint, but it also works hard with minimal protection. The increased popularity of weightlifting has led to an increase in elbow injuries, particularly when it’s paired with poor form or lifting too much weight.

Suffer From An Elbow Injury? Visit Mend Clinic Urgent Care

No matter what caused your elbow pain or injury, Mend Clinic has you covered with daily openings for walk-ins and booked appointments. (Go ahead and elbow your way in; the wait times are minimal at Salem’s ER alternative). Call (971) 204-8410 to get started.