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Mend Clinic | Orthopedic Urgent Care in Salem, Oregon

Come on in—we’d love to show you around! Mend Clinic in Salem, Oregon is a brand new state of the art clinical space with 2,000 square feet dedicated solely to orthopedic care led by Dr. Peter Tsai and Dr. Keith Neaman. Featuring a splinting station and x-ray room, your Salem urgent care clinic has much of the same equipment you’d find in hospitals and at specialty healthcare providers. Coupled with the latest EMR software, this means you’re less likely to need to see a specialist or waste time and money visiting the Salem ER, the busiest in the state. Learn more about why people choose Mend Clinic, read reviews, and book your appointment online today.

Office | Mend Clinic Urgent Care, Salem

Patient Care Coordination Area

Mend Clinic’s expansive patient care coordination area is professionally staffed with experienced medical administration specialists. Here, we’ll work with you to coordinate care with your other healthcare providers, refer you to specialists if necessary, and schedule your surgery if required.

The most recent, secure emergency medical record (EMR) software is used by Mend Clinic. This ensures your care coordination is safe and shared with your medical care team, which includes specialists you might be referred to and your existing healthcare provider. Having complete records available to your healthcare team, regardless of their location, is critical for patients to receive accurate, fast, and the best care.

Office | Mend Clinic Urgent Care, Salem

Spacious, Comfortable Waiting Area

Mend Clinic is an orthopedic urgent care clinic, and nothing like the hectic atmosphere of an emergency room. As your Salem ER alternative, Mend Clinic’s goal is patient safety, comfort, and service above all. It starts in the waiting room. However, patients won’t be waiting there for long.

With simple appointment booking online, patients can make same-day appointments and rest assured knowing their time (and appointment) will be respected. Friends, family, and loved ones who accompany patients to Mend Clinic can enjoy a quiet, soothing atmosphere in the waiting area with options for entertainment and free guest Wi-Fi.

Easy Parking in Front

Commercial Street might be one of the major streets in Salem, but patients never have to worry about finding a parking space or feeding a meter. Mend Clinic offers plenty of free parking directly in front of the entrance. Orthopedic injuries, from broken arms to fractured legs, can cause a lot of pain and worry. There’s no reason looking for parking needs to be added.

Mend Clinic is located at
2936 Commercial Street SE
Salem, Oregon 97302

Mend Clinic was designed with the patient in mind, and the space reflects that dedication. Your orthopedic urgent care facility in Salem features an impressive variety of equipment not always found in urgent care clinics. Come see the space for yourself, and book an online appointment from any device.

A Clean, Comfortable, State-of-the-Art Facility in Salem, Oregon.

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