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Patient Forms | Mend Clinic, Salem, Oregon

Book an appointment with Mend Clinic online, and there’s no wait. It takes only a few seconds to complete.

Nobody likes paperwork. When you’re in pain due to an orthopedic injury, the last thing you want to do is hunker down over stacks of forms—especially if it’s a hand injury, Dr. Peter Tsai’s and Dr. Keith Neaman‘s specialties.

A broken bone, sports injury, lacerations, dislocated bones, or another orthopedic injury can stop anyone from thinking straight. Patients are in a crisis when they arrive at Mend Clinic, which is why patient forms are short and basic. A skilled Medical Assistant (MA) will help with the process so the patient is treated as quickly as possible. Consider the MA your personal concierge that assists with your needs from the moment you arrive until you leave Mend Clinic.

Mend Clinic is considered the Salem ER alternative for good reason. Book an appointment online, and there’s no wait. The online booking form is very short and simple. It takes only a few seconds to complete.

Make your patient check-ins even faster by arriving with identification, insurance information (if applicable), and your social security number.

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