Study Says Patients Prefer Urgent Care Over Seeing Their Physician

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Study Says Patients Prefer Urgent Care Over Seeing Their Physician

Why deal with the hassle of scheduling an appointment with your general physician when urgent care can meet your needs faster—and for a fee often not much higher? Going to urgent care clinics instead of seeing a GP is a trend Mend Clinic has noticed since opening their doors, and now it’s being backed up by research. According to the New York affiliate of CBS, there’s been an uptick in people choosing to go to urgent care instead of their primary physician. Dr. Max Gomez of CBS2 says this might be changing the health care industry as a whole.

One of the most significant driving demographics? Millennials. Also known as the Echo Boomers, since many are the children of baby boomers, this demographic is relatively young, healthy, and often don’t even have a primary care physician.

When Millennials need to see a doctor, they want a solution that’s fast and convenient. Those are words often not associated with seeing a primary care doctor. There’s the hassle of calling to make an appointment, often waiting days for an appointment, and figuring out who’s in their network. All of this trouble is immediately avoidable with urgent care clinics offering walk-in services every single day.

Patients report that going to urgent care for issues that don’t warrant an ER visit is simply easier. Now, JAMA Internal Medicine reports that urgent care center visits have at least doubled since 2010. Simultaneously, visits to primary care physicians—and even the ER for non-emergencies—are on the decline.

Mend Clinic is Your Go-To Urgent Care Center

It’s also easier in the digital era to quickly see what exactly urgent care centers treat. Before the widespread and easy access to the internet, a lot of people weren’t sure. Urgent care clinics can treat lacerations and even broken bones. Visiting an urgent care clinic is often covered by insurance, and for the insured, the cost is surprisingly similar to seeing a general physician. With minimal crowds and the ability to see a doctor fast, it’s no wonder more, and more people are utilizing urgent care in Salem, OR. You can walk in any day of the week to Mend Clinic.