PeeWee Sports Got You in Pain?

PeeWee Sports Got You in Pain? | Mend Clinic Salem, OR

PeeWee Sports Got You in Pain?

Summer has arrived, and for many families that means PeeWee sports and practices are in full swing. Mend Clinic, Salem, OR’s ER alternative, treats athletes of all ages. From the tiniest of soccer stars to baseball pros in the making and track royalty heading out on long summer morning runs, little ones live for the summer—and all the sports camps around Oregon.

PeeWee Athletes and Injuries

Any athlete of any age is at a higher risk of injury. This includes kids of all ages. Knowing where you can take your child to see an orthopedic doctor quickly as a walk-in is part of having a safe, fun summer. Sometimes a trip to the ER is necessary, but if you simply need urgent care and are looking to save money compared to a trip to the ER, Mend Clinic has you covered. Open seven days per week with orthopedic specialists on staff, this is where Salem OR’s smallest athletes can be treated much faster than in the ER.

Types of PeeWee Athlete Injuries

All types of injuries are tied to sports. It’s sometimes the price you pay. Your child might suffer a fracture from a bad fall on the soccer field or during those high school football camps and practices. Strains and sprains are some of the most common athletic and orthopedic injuries, particularly in sports like baseball, softball, soccer, and football that can require agility and sudden turns. However, any sport from tennis to cheerleading comes with an increased risk of a sprain. Your child might also suffer a laceration from sliding into home plate or their last boxing match. No matter what type of injury your young athlete has endured, they deserve fast treatment and you deserve no wait time and a reasonable bill.

Contact Mend Clinic In Salem If Your PeeWee Has Been Injured

Getting your children involved in sports at a young age is a great way to ensure they are healthy, active, and enjoy the social benefits of these activities. However, it’s so easy for a game or practice to go awry. Keep Mend Clinic’s contact information available so you’re ready to give your athlete the star treatment they deserve (and they can get back to the game faster!).