Some Pro Athletes Play Through Broken Toes, and Others are Benched

Pro Athletes Play Through Broken Toes | Mend Clinic Urgent Care, Salem

Some Pro Athletes Play Through Broken Toes, and Others are Benched

A fractured toe can mean many things depending on which bone is broken and the person’s lifestyle. At Mend Clinic, a common complaint is toe pain. Toes are made up of phalange bones, all of varying diameters and lengths. It’s commonly said that the phalanges in the pinky toes may be broken without the ability to being re-set—and that can be totally fine. These bones are so minuscule that a minor fracture may not impact the person at all. However, if the phalange in the big toe is fractured, it may require re-setting and walking on crutches for a few weeks.

Playing Sports with a Broken Toe or Toe Pain

Nowhere is the disparity of phalange importance more prevalent than in the world of sports. In March of 2018, Texas Tech’s Keenan Evans played through the NCAA tournament with a broken toe. The senior confirmed that the injury happened during a February 17th game against Baylor. However, he still led the team to the elite eight. According to the point guard, now that the season is over, surgery is likely on the horizon. “We kind of knew it was broken from the time it happened,” he said. At the Baylor game, the Tech medical team taped the toe and tried a variety of shoe inserts.

Evans says the doctor told him, “You have to deal with the pain, but it can’t get any worse. I was like, senior year, let’s do it.” Evans did lose speed and mobility because of the broken toe, but still managed an 18.3 point average during the tournament. Although he only made three of his 14 shots against Villanova, he managed to ensure Tech kept a 12-point lead. According to coach Chris Beard, Evans is a warrior. “He’s got a situation with his toe that’s not easy. It’s a lot of pain.”

Of course, it’s highly recommended not to play college sports with a seriously fractured toe. In the case of most people, such a severe injury would require immediate rest. A more common and much less dangerous scenario is the one faced by Sergio Busquets, the midfield for Barcelona. He fractured his toe this year and was given a three-week rest before the Champions League quarter-finals.

Busquets was injured during the Barca’s triumph over Chelsea in March 2018. According to the official Barcelona statement, “The tests performed have confirmed that the player of the first team Sergio Busquets has a fracture in the phalanx of the fifth right toe with a wound.” This is a case when a toe fracture in the pinky toe is demanding serious rest.

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