Quick Fix for Your Lacerations

Quick Fix for Lacerations | Mend Clinic Orthopedic Urgent Care, Salem

Quick Fix for Your Lacerations

Lacerations, also known as cuts, are common reasons patients walk into the Mend Clinic. While many lacerations are relatively mild and might heal on their own, it’s always a good idea to seek medical attention—after all, a laceration means your body is at risk of infection. Once an infection has set in, it can quickly become serious. It’s not always easy to tell if you need stitches or not, and if you forego stitches when you need them, there might also be nasty scars resulting from the injury.

However, the vast majority of lacerations don’t really require an ER visit. You definitely want fast treatment, especially if stitches are in order, but ER trips for most lacerations take a lot of time and can be very expensive. If you have a cut, stop the blood loss as best you can by wrapping a cloth around the cut and gently applying pressure. Our urgent care clinic is available for walk-ins every day of the week, and you can get quick treatment for mild to moderate lacerations.

Lacerations can also be dangerous based on their location. If you have a cut on your finger and you depend on your hands for work or hobbies, you want to ensure the laceration heals the best it can. Otherwise, you might suffer from poor healing and scarring that can permanently get in the way of work and fun.

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Urgent care clinics will also provide you with after-care instructions so you can help ensure the best possible healing. Follow-up appointments may or may not be recommended based on the severity and location of the cut. There’s a good chance you’ll be able to see your regular doctor for follow-up appointments. However, it can be difficult to get an immediate appointment with your GP when the cut occurs. Urgent care clinics give you immediate access to medical attention right when you need it. If you have a laceration, come to Mend Clinic where there are short lines and more affordable out-of-pocket expenses compared to the ER.