Summer Jobs and Work Injuries

Summer Jobs and Work Injuries | Mend Clinic Urgent Care, Salem

Summer Jobs and Work Injuries

Have you picked up a summer gig? That’s great news, but make sure you have Mend Clinic’s information tucked away since summer jobs tend to be a little more dangerous than their year-round counterparts. Many summer jobs are seasonal and take advantage of the great weather. Common gigs include working at summer camps, painting houses, and leading outdoor activities like kayaking and rafting.

Summer Jobs and Injuries

Work injuries can, of course, happen year-round, but add the influx of summer gigs into the mix and it’s no surprise that Salem, OR is seeing a spike in work injury complaints. Nearly all employers are required by federal and state law to carry workers’ compensation coverage. At Mend Clinic, the staff can even help you file many aspects of your workers’ compensation claim so you have one less task to worry about.

Oregon is a hub of outdoor summer gigs because we only have a few weeks per year when the weather is perfect. From hiking nearby trails to windsurfing in the Gorge or checking out the summer options at Mt. Hood, tourists flock to Oregon from around the world in the summer months for outdoor fun. This means employers have hired a number of summer workers to help make the season fun for all.

It’s also the season of summer harvesting. Summer gigs may involve working on a farm, or with one of the many farmer’s markets around the area. This type of work is strenuous and ripe for injuries. However, desk jobs also come with some risks. Summer is peak season for student internships, and you may suffer a work injury as an admin. Injuries can include sudden trauma, like dropping a box on your foot while pulling it out of storage, or can build up over time like with carpal tunnel syndrome.

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No matter what your work injury may be, treating it quickly is the key to minimizing damage. You can visit Mend Clinic seven days per week to be seen faster, even if you need an orthopedic expert, than in the ER.