Summer Yard Work Can Lead to Injuries

Summer Yard Work Can Lead to Injuries | Mend Clinic Urgent Care, Salem

Summer Yard Work Can Lead to Injuries

Whether it’s working in the garage or cultivating that garden, summer is ripe with injury risks. Mend Clinic specializes in treating lacerations, fractures, and a number of urgent injuries that often send people to the ER. Wait times in the ER can be long, and visits are very costly. Unless it’s a true emergency, you may be able to save time and money while still being seen by highly qualified doctors if you’re injured this summer.

Summer Lacerations

Living in Oregon means you’re surrounded by greenery, gorgeous native plants, and fruit trees, and you might even be considering installing a chicken coop. Nothing compares to living off your own little plot of land or trying your hand at woodworking in the garage. However, power tools and dangerous equipment greatly increase your odds of an injury.

One of the state’s most notorious (and delicious) of laceration-causers is the blackberry bush. It may be easy to spot a non-native person because they pay for blackberries, but that doesn’t mean you’re immune to the blackberry’s natural defenses. Lacerations can occur easily from trying to tame the brambles, going berry picking, or simply walking a little too close to these fierce bushes.

Cuts and injuries from edgers, trimmers, and more all require quick medical treatment. An urgent care clinic can help ensure lacerations don’t get infected. If stitches are needed, fast treatment can help reduce scarring. Some yard injuries might look or feel minor but can have hidden risks. For instance, sometimes small broken bones simply feel like a bruise.

Get Help From Mend Clinic If You’ve Suffered A Laceration

If you plan to tackle yard work this summer, keep best practices in mind. Always wear protective gear. Make sure your tools are in good working condition. Avoid work when you’re tired or not able to fully focus. However, injuries can still happen. If you’re hurt this summer and want to be seen quickly, Mend Clinic is open daily. Walk-ins are always welcome, or you can call 971-204-8410 to make an appointment at Mend Clinic and be seen even faster.