Why Urgent Care is Better than the ER

Urgent Care is Better than the ER | Mend Clinic Orthopedic Urgent Care

Why Urgent Care is Better than the ER

There will always be situations when only the ER will do, but a lot of the time these injuries could and should be treated at urgent care clinics. Mend Clinic in Salem is a leading ER alternative and an urgent care clinic open every single day of the year. According to the AMA Journal of Ethics, every year 12.1 percent of ER visits are “nonurgent,” and 22 percent are “semi-urgent.” That’s nearly 35 percent of ER visits that possibly could be treated in an urgent care clinic.

Here are a few reasons going to urgent care is better than an ER trip:

1. Urgent care is more affordable. Whether you’re paying out of pocket or there’s a co-pay for your insurance, it’s always cheaper to visit an urgent care clinic. Why pay more for the exact same service?

2. Urgent care is faster. If it’s not a real emergency, you could be waiting for hours in the ER. They operate, rightfully, on a triage basis, which means a lot of people coming in after you might get treated first.

3. You might be delaying service in the ER for those who really need it. When one-third of ER visits can be seen in urgent care, what does that mean for those who actually need ER services? Possibly slower service.

4. You might not need a referral in urgent care. The ER only has the capacity to do a few things before you’ll be referred or sent (via a costly ambulance) to a specialist. At Mend Clinic, specialists, including orthopedic experts, are on-site. For many injuries, like broken bones, it’s just one visit and one specialist. This saves time, money, and stress.

5. It’s convenient. While you can drop patients off right at the ER doors, parking at hospitals can be challenging. Mend Clinic offers ample parking (and of course you can still drop patients at the door, too).

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When an injury happens, including broken bones, ask yourself if it really warrants an ER trip. If you’d prefer to be seen faster and at a more affordable rate, visit Mend Clinic for your urgent care needs.