Urgent Care for Holiday Injuries

Urgent Care for Holiday Injuries | Mend Clinic Orthopedic Urgent Care

Urgent Care for Holiday Injuries

Nobody wants to spend the holidays in the ER, which is why an urgent care clinic might be the surprise holiday gift you never saw coming. Mend Clinic in Salem is the region’s premium ER alternative, offering urgent care services seven days per week—including on holidays. This time of year, urgent care injuries are on the rise. Here are a few possible holiday situations that might require seeing a doctor sooner rather than later:

1. That serious wrapping paper papercut. Are papercuts really an emergency? They can be depending on the depth (and potentially the age of the victim). If your holiday wrapping skills are ninja fast, one wrong move can give you a nasty cut. Avoid infections and minimize scars with a trip to urgent care. (Holiday bandages are on us.)

2. The slip and fall on the ice rink. Ice rinks are popping up all over Oregon, and nothing smarts like a sudden thud on the ice. These accidents can lead to broken bones, strains, and sprains. Did you know broken bones can be treated at some urgent care clinics, including Mend Clinic?

3. A holiday decorating disaster. Falling off the ladder while you’re putting Santa and his sleigh on the roof can result in some nasty injuries. From electric shocks to rooftop tumbles, if it’s not quite an injury for the ER, but you still need fast attention, an urgent care clinic is for you.

4. The snowball fight that got too intense. Was there something more than snow in that snowball? These outdoor battles can get serious, and when injuries occur, you don’t want to be put in time out in the ER waiting room. Urgent care clinics can help.

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Whether one of the kids took the dare to lick a frozen pole or there was a box-cutter incident when someone got too excited about opening an Amazon gift delivery, holiday accidents happen. Get them taken care of quickly at Mend Clinic, Salem’s leading urgent care clinic