What’s Causing My Shoulder Pain?

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What’s Causing My Shoulder Pain?

The shoulder is one of the most complex and mobile joints of the body. Mend Clinic specializes in orthopedics, with orthopedic specialists on site, and it’s no surprise that shoulder injuries are one of the biggest complaints that walk-ins to Mend have. We depend on our shoulder for a lot, from helping us walk to being paramount for a number of activities like lifting weights or putting away groceries. There are a lot of different types of potential shoulder injuries, and only a medical professional can give you a diagnosis.

Shoulder injuries can include tendon injuries, muscle injuries, broken bones, lacerations to the skin, and injuries to connective tissues that aren’t necessarily tendons or ligaments (such as the labrum). When so many things can become damaged, it’s important to see a medical professional as soon as the pain begins. Otherwise, an injury can become exacerbated and shift from mild to requiring surgery.

The one internal shoulder injury that you will likely guess correctly is a dislocation. The shoulder can dislocate to the anterior (forward) or posterior (backward). The vast majority of shoulder dislocations are anterior, though posterior dislocations are possible (and most common with blunt force trauma). Dislocations are extremely painful. You may feel the need to force the shoulder back into place yourself. However, if possible, it is best to go to an urgent care clinic immediately so an orthopedic doctor can put the shoulder back in place. This greatly reduces the odds of worsening the injury.

It can be very difficult for a non-professional to tell the difference between a tendon and ligament injury or an injured muscle. Broken bones at the shoulder joint are somewhat rare. It’s more likely that a broken bone will occur near the shoulder joint, such as the collarbone or humerus. However, when broken bones do occur at the shoulder joint, they are also very painful. The larger the bone, the more painful it is when broken, and much of the shoulder is made up of the ends of larger bones.

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