Where’s an Urgent Care Clinic Near Me?

Where’s an Urgent Care Clinic Near Me? | Mend Clinic Urgent Care, Salem

Where’s an Urgent Care Clinic Near Me?

Urgent care clinic near me” is, unfortunately, a common search query this time of year (Google sees plenty of it). Just how close is Mend Clinic to your go-to destinations in Salem? A lot closer than you think. Located at 2936 Commercial Street in southeast Salem, it’s very close to government agencies and downtown business. Plus, with ample parking, you don’t need to worry about street or metered parking.

You’ll find it where Liberty and Commercial Streets meet, right across from Oregon Community Credit Union and Panera Bread. One block up is Venti’s Café + Taphouse, and McKinley School City Park isn’t far away. Mend Clinic urgent care is just two miles from the Salem ER, but away from Willamette University, so you don’t need to deal with the rush of university traffic while students struggle to get home for the holidays.

Having access to an urgent care clinic that’s open seven days per week and is in a location convenient to your home and work is vital. After all, what’s the point of an urgent care clinic if it isn’t in a prime location? That’s why Mend Clinic is in a location convenient to all Salem residents, workers, and visitors. If you’re in town for a special event, you can rest easy knowing that if an injury happens, your urgent care clinic isn’t far from all of the top event facilities.

Salem is also near a number of outdoor destinations from skiing and snowboarding to winter hikes and ice skating. There’s always an orthopedic available at Mend Clinic, which makes tending to broken bones faster, easier, and more affordable than a trip to the ER. It’s an urgent care clinic designed to be near you in case disaster strikes.

Mend Clinic Urgent Care in Salem, Oregon

If you’re injured in or near Salem, getting immediate medical attention is paramount. Luckily, Mend Clinic is never far away. Open daily with no appointment necessary, it’s the ER alternative Salem deserves. Contact Mend Clinic today!