Why Choose Mend Clinic Urgent Care Over an ER

Mend Clinic Urgent Care, Salem, OR

Why Choose Mend Clinic Urgent Care Over an ER

Many orthopedic injuries require immediate medical attention, including but not limited to:

  • Broken Bones
  • Dislocated Joints
  • Bad Sprains
  • Other Injuries Required X-Rays

These injuries can’t wait for a scheduled doctor’s appointment. Attempting to carry out activities of daily living with a serious orthopedic injury could make the problem worse.

In the past, the go-to walk-in clinic solution was an emergency room (ER). “Urgent care” services are comparatively new on the scene.

While ERs still have their place, an urgent care facility, especially one that specializes in orthopedic treatment like Mend Clinic Urgent Care in Salem, may be the better choice for a number of orthopedic woes.

Orthopedics: A subset of medicine pertaining to the musculoskeletal system. Orthopedic injuries typically occur as a result of trauma or stress on joints, nerves, muscles, or bones, including but not limited to fractures, dislocations, tears in muscles / ligaments / tendons, sprains, hernias, impingement, and overuse.

When to Go to the ER

Life-threatening injuries or accidents still need the care of an Emergency Room. These include heart attacks, respiratory arrest (stopped breathing), drug overdose, poisoning, pregnancy emergencies, hypothermia, hyperthermia, and heavy blood loss.

ER doctors, nurses, and technicians will have access to:

  • Anesthesia
  • Cardiac monitors
  • CT scans
  • Labs
  • Medication
  • Operating rooms
  • Ultrasound

ERs also accept patients 24 hours per day, seven days a week. A bad injury or accident that happens in the dead of night needs the emergency room.

Emergency rooms are notorious for their long waits, but if you show up at the ER with a clear health crisis, and you will be admitted immediately.

That’s why people with non-life-threatening issues end up waiting so long in crowded lobbies. Doctors and nurses evaluate new patients using a process called “triage” — deciding who needs to be seen first based on the severity of the condition.

Show up with a less-severe condition, and you will be placed further down the triage. Since all kinds of disasters lead to the ER, a sprained ankle might be placed down very far in the triage, eating up your whole day in the waiting room.

When to Pick Urgent Care

Urgent care centers like Mend Clinic operate during daytime hours. During those hours, however, they act as a walk-in clinic. You don’t need an appointment to be seen by a doctor, nurse, or nurse practitioner.

If seeking treatment at an urgent care clinic is an option, you may discover the following advantages:

  • Shorter Waits. As mentioned above, life-threatening injuries get seen immediately in the ER. A broken or dislocated shoulder, while painful, is not considered a life-threatening emergency. You could end up waiting for hours at an ER, whereas Mend Clinic Urgent Care could see you relatively quickly.
  • Lower Costs. While treatment costs vary, treatment at urgent care clinics tend to cost much less than the same treatment at an ER.
  • We Take Insurance. Mend Clinic Urgent Care accepts all major insurance networks, as well as Medicare and Medicaid. We have a robust list of in-network providers, and most out-of-network providers will also work with us.
  • Specialist Care. In the case of Mend Clinic, you will receive immediate attention from an orthopedic specialist, not a general practitioner.

Like many urgent care facilities, Mend Clinic is more than just a walk-in clinic. We also accept appointments, which patients can book online or by phone.


Walk in to Mend Clinic Urgent Care today to experience more differences of choosing us for orthopedic urgent care in Salem.