Why Foot Injuries are on the Rise

Foot Injuries are on the Rise | Mend Clinic Orthopedic Urgent Care, Salem

Why Foot Injuries are on the Rise

We have 26 bones and 100 muscles in the foot, along with a lot of connective tissue. With all of those working parts, there’s a lot of potential for injuries. Mend Clinic offers urgent care and is a Salem ER alternative. With orthopedic specialists on-site and an office open seven days per week, if you have a foot injury you can be seen faster at Mend Clinic compared to the ER (and save money, too).

Have you ever wondered why yoga teachers are so persistent about being barefoot? There’s more to it than helping you stick to the mat. The socks and shoes that we wear almost all of the time certainly provide support, but it’s too much of a good thing. They don’t allow our feet and toes to flex, extend, bend, and basically “work out” much.

Most people usually only walk on flat, man-made surfaces. From our home and the buildings we enter to parking lots and driveways, we avoid walking on uneven surfaces. After all, why would we want to get our shoes dirty or risk tripping on something when nice, flat surfaces are available?

The combination of socks, shoes, and flat surfaces have led to foot atrophy. The human body was made so that toes should be able to lift and lower one by one. Give it a try—most people can’t do it. Instead, we have toes that “stick” together. We might be able to lift our big toe independently of the others, but there’s a good chance your smaller toes aren’t very independent.

Foot injuries usually occur because of accidents, but also because of weakened feet. Don’t worry, everyone is in the same boat as you. However, it’s important to be aware of foot injuries and to get them treated as soon as possible. Broken bones, sprains, and strains can all put a real damper on your spring frenzy. You don’t realize how valuable your feet are until you have a foot injury.

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