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Mend Clinic | Orthopedic Urgent Care in Salem, Oregon

Why Mend Clinic? We’re your orthopedic urgent care specialist located in downtown Salem, Oregon. As a truly convenient “one-stop shop,” patients enjoy same-day appointments with a fast online booking system or option to walk in during business hours 9 am – 6 pm Monday thru Friday, and 10 am  – 6 pm Saturday and Sunday. There’s no need to call and subject yourself to elevator music on the phone. Our goal is to offer the easiest online booking and the best in orthopedic care. Learn more about types of orthopedic injuries we treat, read reviews, and see why patients choose Mend Clinic as their ER alternative in Salem, Oregon. Call (971) 204-8410 if you have any questions.

Orthopedic Specialists At Mend Clinic

Orthopedic injuries include anything related to bones in the body. At Mend Clinic, Dr. Peter Tsai, Dr. Keith Neaman, and their team are committed to providing patients with fast, premium immediate orthopedic treatment. Many times, orthopedic injuries are painful—and sometimes scary. A trip to the emergency room can leave you stuck in the waiting room for hours. The Mend Clinic “Team” approach to urgent orthopedic injuries will minimize the wait to help put your mind at ease. Benefits of working with Mend Clinic include:

  • Direct access to orthopedic specialists
  • No long wait times like the ER
  • Professionalism and dedication – you’re more than a number
  • Easy to book an appointment – online booking, call, or just walk-in
Why Choose Mend Clinic, Salem, Oregon

Orthopedic Injury Care in Salem, Oregon

At Mend Clinic, you’ll meet with providers who specialize specifically in orthopedic injuries, which include:

Patients in Salem, Oregon deserve an orthopedic urgent care office that specializes in orthopedic injuries without the exorbitant ER costs and long wait times. With online booking, you can secure an appointment in just a few clicks.

At Mend Clinic, specialized care is at the heart of everything we do. You’ll leave with a correct diagnosis and clear treatment plan in place. Book your appointment online, call our office, or just walk in. We are here to help.

What To Expect At Mend Clinic

Book An Appointment, Online, or Walk-In

You can book your urgent care appointment online in seconds. Mend Clinic is located on Commercial Street in Salem, Oregon, making it convenient and easy to access. You’ll be seen quickly by an orthopedic specialist who prioritizes patient safety, care, and comfort. There are no wait times, since Mend Clinic’s unique online booking system ensures every patient’s appointment time is just for them and their orthopedic specialist.

When you leave Mend Clinic, you’ll have a referral in hand for a specialist, therapist, and/or a surgical date if needed. This approach to coordinated, holistic care is part of the Mend Clinic promise. Whether you’re suffering from a work-related injury, have a broken bone, or need urgent care for a torn ligament, Mend Clinic puts the patient first.

Your Salem ER Alternative

Utilize Mend Clinic as a Salem ER alternative. The Salem emergency room is the busiest in the state, which can mean long waits. The urgent care clinic offers the latest technology and highly skilled orthopedic experts. Standard x-ray equipment is on site, which isn’t always the case in urgent care clinics. This means you don’t need a separate trip to a lab or hospital for x-rays.

Mend Clinic also uses state of the art emergency medical record (EMR) software. This makes coordinating care with your other doctors, healthcare providers, and medical professionals as simple as possible. When your care team has complete, shared medical information, this saves everyone time and money—including you.

At Mend Clinic, specialized care is at the heart of everything we do. You’ll leave with a correct diagnosis and clear treatment plan in place. Whenever possible, Mend Clinic will reduce the need for you to see a specialist by offering comprehensive care. Save time. Save money. Avoid the ER. Book your appointment online at Mend Clinic today.

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